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oh wow these past two days have been great =) i'm sure you've already heard cause Gabbi always posts before me, but here it is anyways

Friday night = awesome. it was soo much fun! it started out raining and all so we put on the coats, but then it stopped so we went and put uniforms on. we preformed at half-time alright, but a bunch of people fell during the drum feature. that's probably the second-worse drum feature we've done. but all-in-all it was alright. then it started raining again so we got to put our horns up and dance =) haha don't askk

yesterday was great! i was sooo excited to win. here's the awards:

Best Class A Band
3rd place Field Commander
1st place Auxilary (yay Aamanda!!)
2nd place Percussion (you guys are still #1 to us!)
Outstanding Soloist (YAY JOSH!)
Grand Champions... WHOOO!

ooh wow it was so much fun. Mike finally got his band-o-gram that he was waiting on hahaha. Nick sent me one but they read it as Doug Robertson, or at least that's what it sounded like lol. then we performed and it was awesome. probably the best one we've ever done, although the Majorette Festival does come close. but we still did great. i was soo proud of everyone. and then the seniors... awww it was sad. just to think that it's their last competition. =( oooh! but Corey and Steak were being nice. Steak said "i'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that i know we've been completely gay to you all marching season, but you're a pretty cool person." and Corey was like "yea you're real genuine" i was like "aww thanks guys, that means a lot to me" so yea. then i almost cried on the way home with Nick... cause it's his last one. aww it just reminds me of how much i'm gonna miss him =( ahhh i don't wanna think about it. then later Brittany came home with us and had pizza and then she and Amanda went over to Jenny's house. it was crazy though... Brittany probably thinks we're all insane lol

so now competition season is over... and all that's left of marching season is the football games. i sure can't wait til playoffs =) ooh and i found out that Corey is staying in band until football season is over so he can go to Chicago with us... YAY! i won't miss him as much now =) aiight that's it pimps... i'm outtt

Alison <33

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