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Today was great. Last practice of the year. It still feels weird to me. But oh well.

We had an awesomely good week. We go to Princeton tomorrow (what fun) and then we have our last festival of the year at Ripley on Saturday. Wish us luck!

Tiffany, Pirate Bob, and I had a rather interesting conversation after practice today. We got out extremely early so me and Tiffany had to hang around for a while, and we saw Bob in his office. Tiffany at one point ends up grabbing my arm, says, "Follow me," and drags me into his office.

Tiffany: Hey, Mr. Scott, got a question for ya.
Pirate Bob: Go ahead.
Tiffany: Okay, say you’re a bus driver.
Pirate Bob: *acts like he’s holding a steering wheel* Alrighty.
Tiffany: You’re driving down the road, and at your first stop you pick up 20 people.
Pirate Bob: *slams on the brakes and opens the door* $1.50. I SAID $1.50!!!!!!!! *closes the door* Okay.
Tiffany: Now on your next stop you 5 people get on and 10 people get off.
Pirate Bob: Okay, I got 45 people on the bus now.
-Tiffany and I are cracking up at this point-
Pirate Bob: *drunk voice* Hey, come on you made me drive a damn bus rassafrassinmumblegrumble…!!!
-It takes Tiffany and me a few minutes to compose ourselves-
Pirate Bob: Next question!!
Tiffany: How old is the bus driver?
Pirate Bob: FORTY-FIVE!!!!

So we all have a good laugh about that whole scene, and then the following…well, followed:

Tiffany: You’re only forty-five?
Pirate Bob: No, I’m fifty-three.
Tiffany: …..God, I didn’t think you’d be that off.
Me: *laughs and smacks Tiffany* He’s not that old!!!
Pirate Bob: *cracks up* That looked like it hurt. Remind me never to get Gabbi mad.

So yeah, today was awesome. I’m almost sad that we’re not staying after for marching anymore. Oh well. On to All State!!

~I'm outie~

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