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Yes, it's that time of year again, w00t! Totally excited. CHS's first practice for the 2006 marching season was yesterday. Only the very dedicated and a few frightened freshman (lol) showed up, but overall it was a pretty good first practice. I didn't realize how difficult JCS would be to play as a group - it's mostly because most people are sightreading, but playing marching music as a group again just feels strange. Going through withdraw hasn't been a good experience for me, lol. Unfortunately we only have one practice a week for a while, but at least it gives me something - other than the pounds of homework I've been given - to look forward to this summer. I can't wait to get everybody back in that band room. I can tell this year is going to be great already!

Pros: Finally being able to suppress my uncontrollable urge to play band music once a week, and a possible position as section leader!
Cons: Having to put up with people that screw around and don't really work, and having to fight a certain person who's going to try to steal my chair every week...surprise surprise.

=D =D =D =D !!

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