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I would be glad to "fill you in" on your newest member. ^_^ If you accept me that is...

Name: Natalie (Gnat)
Age: 16
Location: WV??
What band are you in? Saint Albans High
What instrument do you play? Trumpet basically...but this year I am the Drum Major.
Pics(of you? your band?): I will post some as soon as I can figure out how...sorry. ~_~

I have never really posted about what my Band is doing, it seems...arrogant.

But I am just TOO proud of them! I am so excited!! ^_^

We are playing 'Pandora's Box'. And on November 5th, I believe, we are traveling to Pittsburgh to perform in the Chapter 8 Semi-finals for TOB. And if we place in the top 25 bands in our category (there are 72), then we get to travel to Scranton the following week for the ACC Championship!! AHH!! ^_^

I think we can really take it. We won Grand Champions at the Greenbrier East Shriner...and if we can do that...wow. What are we capable of?

But that is actually NOT what I am so proud about...

I am estatic because...at our pep assembly on Friday for Homecoming...the seniors randomly, and voluntarily, started chanting, 'WE WANT THE BAND!'. O_o That has NEVER happened. We NEVER get recognition from the school. That is SO COOL! AHH! ^_^ ^_^

I love it!!


Well...TTFN. ^_^

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